SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt 10.6

Autocompletes your code and handles object renaming

Provides an advanced IntelliSense-style code completion with a code snippet library. Aids with an easy formatting for it can format only what you need, just by simply selecting a fragment of an SQL script and starts acting on it. In the script, objects can be renamed, and many other options can be done.

SQL Prompt is a SQL IntelliSense and code-formatting tool that can be used along with MS Visual Studio. Using this tool, you can immediately spot issues that could eventually cause problems with performance, behavior, or security. It also helps you minimize delays in deployment and reduce maintenance costs. SQL Prompt's built-in static code analysis rules allow teams to check for problems automatically, during development and testing work, therefore minimizing the number of 'code smells' that creep into the application and database builds and improving build reliability.

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